A Little Bit About Me

I am Emma Kirkham (officially Emma-Louise Miriam Kirkham but that’s an awfully long domain name)! I have been addicted to glass for over 20 years now. My first encounter with molten glass was at The University of Sunderland in 1993 where I was studying Three Dimensional Design, Glass with Ceramics. I was hooked.

I’d chosen the course at Sunderland having completed a BTEC Foundation Course, where I had played with ceramics and also stumbled upon fusing glass bottles and window pieces into plaster moulds that I had made. Needless to say I had no clue what I was doing but loved doing it anyway. (You’d think I had invented the wheel I was that pleased with myself at the time ;))

I am mum to two darling boys aged 10 and 8 who also love anything glassy. We have a make believe furnace and hot glass studio that they are permanently “making” in. Fingers crossed they’ll carry on the family tradition!


My Love of Glass!

Ever since my experience at University I knew that I wanted to work with glass. Molten glass is such a seductive material and glass blowing is a captivating process. It was the perfect medium for me to use to produce my work. I was fortunate to have a glass blowing studio and work in Holland (if you are ever there I suggest a visit to Hot Marks Glasblazrij in Ootmarsum for a fun performance). Hotmarks . Other great glass makers I would recommend taking a look at are Allister Malcolm and Ed and Margy Burke,  all fab glass makers with a very good portfolio of work.

This experience in Holland led me to start working with kiln glass and I have been producing kiln formed jewellery since 2000. I love the finesse you can achieve using the medium of glass and the kiln fusing process. (Although the equipment itself isn’t very fine looking.) My life took a turn in 2013 and I returned to the UK. I hadn’t got the room for a full glass studio in my back garden but I do have a beautiful blue studio with room for all my jewellery tools and glass equipment.

And so it is in this studio that I create all my designs, spending many happy hours crafting away and creating memorable items for my clients. (Plus quite a few for my own collection ;).)

I love making bespoke items for individuals or letting my imagination run free. Whatever I make it’s always a delight to create and I hope that I pass that delight on to the customer. I love placing the finished piece into its box and tying it with a beautiful bow so it feels even more like a special treat.

My Vision

My aim is to create beautiful hand crafted jewellery that is unique to each individual. I think of pieces of glass as being like people; it’s only when you look closely that you see their individual character and unique qualities. This is true of my glass.

I want the wearer of my jewellery to know that each item is as individual as they are; designed to be worn and enjoyed.

Whether it be a lovely bracelet worn as a good luck charm every time the singer performs or a ring worn daily; I want each item to bring happiness and a smile every time whilst unforgettable memories are created.

My jewellery is made to make you say “wow” and then wear with a smile and confidence:)

How’s it done?

If you’d like to know more about the process of making glass, click the button below for a glimpse behind the scenes!

Where The Magic Happens!

The famous “Blue Shed”.
Home to Emma Kirkham Glass

The view from the “Blue Shed” 

At work inside the side!

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