Active Dog Month

Did you know that this month is ACTIVE DOG MONTH? Active dog month is all about enjoying spring and getting active with your furry best friend! Come rain or shine Reg
coins and notes on a table

Have you got FOFU?

Have you got FOFU? Do you suffer from this condition? It’s  the fear of following up! You know that fear that stops you making contact with a potential customer because you’re afraid
Word of The Year Fused Glass Coasters

Word of The Year

         “Word of The Year” Word of The Year- A word that we choose to capture how we want things to be in the year ahead. For example if  you want to be
Hand drawn Stag on glass

Deery deery deery me!

              I'm Super lucky to live right on the edge of Cannock Chase, a 10 minute walk and I'm into the woods where all the deer can be seen. I've aways
Heart in glass with love motif dad father's day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Valentine's day, the day you show that special person just how much they mean to you! But is Valentine's Day something that’s been marketed recently by large companies as
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