1st March and a Happy Birthday:)

Can you believe it’s March already?

How exciting!!

2 reasons really…

It’s my birthday and it’s getting closer to spring time and the start of all things new.

I love birthdays and I love the spring time. The perfect time for me to sit and think about all the things I want to do over the next year and also think about what I have achieved.

All too often we beat ourselves up about what we haven’t done and what we want to do; rather than looking at what we have done and how far we have come.

I find the best thing for me to do is sit down and reflect on everything that is going well and think about all the positives; seeing everything you have done down on paper, really does motivate you to move forward and take more action for the next things you want to achieve.

It’s also a fab time to start something new…

So this month I’ll be trying a new yoga pose and adding it to my morning routine….. normally provides my boys with much hilarity first thing!

What will you try that’s different this month?

Would love to hear what it is, drop me a comment, maybe it’ll be my something new for the next time 🙂