Never work with a Cowboy in business, right?!

Never do business with a Cowboy, right?!

Here’s the thing, what better way can there be to grow your business than to be out and about talking to people ?

That’s why I love the networking meetings I go to and why they are so important to me.
As a people person I love to be around others and more importantly I love helping as many people as I can, not only through my business but in anyway I can, whether it’s making referrals for other businesses, recommending products to others or simply lending an ear when someone needs you to listen, I love being part of this group of people.

Whilst networking there is always the opportunity to listen to someone else speak and learn from their experiences, whatever that maybe, business, personal or a mixture of both. It’s a great way to get to know someone, how they think, feel and most importantly how they work.

Last week at the networking event I attended we had the fabulous Cowboy Graham Todd ,(“Todd”) from Spaghetti Agency speak to us and share why running a business is like the Wild West.

Todd from Spaghetti Agency talking about the Wild West

Todd from Spaghetti Agency

Here’s some of the highlights of what he shared.

  •  Beware of shovel sellers
    Those are the people who are telling you how to do something or that you need a certain product, however when you look at them they aren’t doing it themselves.
    It’s like the Social Media “experts” that when you look at their own profiles, they aren’t doing what they said on the tin, or the fitness coaches that aren’t looking after themselves and keeping fit


  • Dig for Gold in your business
    We all have areas in our business that we work hard on and need to improve, but if it’s causing you stress and there’s not enough return on your effort, put your prices up. Work smarter and increase the prices in that area. You have to dig deep to find these areas but we all have them and once you have found them, that’s the area to focus on.


  • Ride on
    Sometimes we all have moments in our business when we just need to ride on. Comments are made, we become involved in areas that weren’t what they seemed and rather than using are energy up in negative areas, the best thing to do is just accept it or ignore it and ride on.


  • Get a great Horse
    Now he’s not advocating we all need to travel using this method, although personally I think this would be an ace means of transport to my darling shed.
    It’s about the support you receive. Having good support around you is vital. Someone that is there for you no matter what.
    And then there’s also the great support systems, accounting, business coach, CRM’s etc.  All the support is vital for when things get tough, and they will, so the horse will be there for you regardless.


  • And finally a Saloon
    We all have great ideas when we switch off right?
    However most of us are just so “busy” we don’t allow ourselves the time to switch off and relax. But relaxing is when we actually have the best ideas, see things clearly and allow ourselves the time to recharge.
    So find yourself a saloon, a place you can relax and switch off or find yourself something that allows you to recharge.
    For me that’s meditation.


Some fab tips and insights shared by Todd I must say, having been in business now for a little while I know only too well just how important these things are.

So would I do business with a Cowboy? Hell yeah!!

I am part of Todd’s Spaghettiville on Facebook, I guess you could call it my Horse for Social Media, (an online group which focuses on Social Media marketing). This is a fab place to be not only in terms of what you can learn from Todd and Jo (his gorgeous wife) but also from fellow Spaghetti’s (If that’s even a word ?!) A great place, where great knowledge is shared.


And now my questions to you are these;

Who is your Horse?

And where’s your Saloon?

Let me know in the comments and I’d love you to give this a share where you can.

I look forward to reading your answers.


PS here’s the networking group I attend 4Networking 

Why not join me next time?