I’m too gorgeous, don’t throw me away!

How many business cards have you collected over the years? How many have you actually kept?

How many of you actually know where they are if you wanted to locate them?


That’s one of the problems with a traditional card, they get put down somewhere never to be found again or instantly binned after all the information is filed and recorded.

But what if you had a really beautiful business card? Something that was just too gorgeous to throw away? What if you had a business card that actually served a purpose other than being a plain old business card?

Well I have the answer!

Admittedly it was a happy accident, but here’s the funny thing…

Last May I had run out of business cards and my logo hadn’t been finished, so I set about solving the problem myself, after all I am a designer and maker, how hard could it be?


I was beginning to panic, I had a huge networking meeting to go to and nothing, niks, nada to hand out to contacts. There would be a room full of people I had never met before, no way was I giving out scraps of paper with my number on! I wanted to make an impact. A good and lasting impression!


After much thought I decided that the best way to make the biggest impact would be to make them in glass. Yep, glass business cards!


Black business cards with engraved text.

Emma Kirkham Glass, business cards.

So, I set about cutting the glass out and making them, it was touch and go if they would be ready on time for the meeting. These were the very first glass business cards I made, and do you know what, after many months I speak to people and they still have the cards! Why?

Because, I am told, they are hand-made and too beautiful to throw away.

Some are next to computers, some are in pockets as fiddle stones (yep true story!) and some are placed on a windowsill.


Think about it, how cool is that? All these months after the networking meetings they are still seen and I am still thought about.


So how can I help you?

There are so many ways I can help you decide on an excitng way to be remembered and not thrown away!

I have a technique which will allow text and images to be screen printed onto glass, you too can have your own memorable business card!

But wait it doesn’t have to be a traditional business card format…





Yellow glass squares with black drawn smiley facies in glass.

Jo Howarth’s Happiness Badges.

Jo Howarth from the Happiness Club, recently ordered her Happiness badges from me, this works on so many levels, it reminds her clients about their happiness, whilst also reminding them about Jo and her mission to promote happiness and Jo’s business. Genius isn’t it?


Tristan Martin, from the Geek shop and TLMartin Ltd recently ordered a pair of glass cufflinks from me with his logo on them, now even when he is wearing a shirt his logo can be seen, they are also a great talking point!


or Todd who bought his partner Jo, a decorative hanger that’s in the form of their business logo, a great reminder of a fabulous business that they have grown together.



Spaghetti Agency logo star


How about a glass keyring with your logo on, every time someone uses their keys they will think of you?

Copper stars fused in glass for keyrings

Star key rings


What about a glass coaster? Every time they reach for a drink, they think of you?


Or even a glass magnetic name badge? For all the networking meetings and groups that you attend.

Dichroic rainbow coloured flower magnetic name badge

Glass flower name badge



When it’s handmade, it is definitely too beautiful to throw away!


So tell me what would YOU have for your BUSINESS CARD?

Contact me and we can talk about how I can HELP YOU to be REMEMBERED and not thrown away!