I’m not creative!

You’re not creative !
Why do you think that?

We’re actually all creative in some way, take a minute to think about what you do on a daily basis…I bet there are several things you do that are creative and if you still don’t think you are creative, have a read of some ways that you could be and why it’s good for you.

Some of us aren’t yet practiced in being creative or using different areas of creativity. Just like when people say they can’t write, of course you can it’s a matter of sitting down and practicing that writing. Like anything in life the more you practice it the better it becomes and the easier it flows and the more creative you will become.

I hear so many people say they are not creative or they don’t have time to sit and be creative, they couldn’t do what I do because they haven’t got a creative bone in their body… but do you know how good creativity is for you?

Today everyone is so busy with the ultra long list of to do’s, places to be, meetings to attend and flicking between apps and laptops or various screens and that’s not mentioning the long list of household chores to run too…it’s no wonder we all get that feeling of overwhelm.

But introducing creative activities are therapy for that ever whirring mind. Taking up a creative activity is an out pouring for a busy mind. A way to relax, switch off and focus on something other than work or home life. Busy hands = calm mind.

Various craft punches being used for glass workshop

Metal craft punches

For me being creative is about putting my brain on hold, a form of meditation where the thoughts are allowed to flow freely and none are judged. A meditative state achieved through sheer focus on one thing only. A time to relax and focus on positivity and creating the right brain chemicals. The feel good ones that we all know and love.

Stress Reliever

A few years ago now I got divorced and went through some serious depression. If it hadn’t been for several creative outlets I know that the depression would have seriously taken hold. Obviously my first go to creative outlet was creating in glass.  For me at the time it didn’t matter what I was creating it was the action of doing that was important, taking my mind away from the emotions of the event and pouring my focus into my glass work. Giving me a focussed time to reflect and develop.

Mood enhancer

For me the glass saved my mental health and brought me the calm that I needed whilst in transition. It lifted my mood and took the focus away from me and the situation I was in.

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone at anytime but when you are divorcing, moving to a different country, selling a house and helping your children cope with all of the change,  it’s emotionally challenging to say the least.

Having a different focus, even if only for a set time per day brings about amazing calm, de stresses and lifts your mood.

I didn’t just rely on my glass though, I journaled and sang my way through it all too!

I wrote everything down and joined the local choir as soon as I arrived back in the UK.

I wasn’t able to start making glass again as soon as I came back  so I sketched and doodled as much as I could. I love seeing my colouring pencils in neat colour order (yes probably OCD there) and  I am a recovering sharpie addict 😉

I had also lost weight and weighed in at only 55kg so baked for England and didn’t worry about the calories going in!  I still bake now if I want to unplug and switch off from it all but am now conscious of the calories going in .

Get creative!

Don’t just take my word for it try it…

Lady gluing copper wire onto glas background for workshop in glass

Fused glass workshop

Knitting, baking, cooking, singing, learning an instrument, taking up water colour, pottery, photography, jewellery making, wood turning, paper crafting, willow weaving, the list goes on oh and then of course there is glass making!


Go on a date:

Yes make a date with creativity

Like everything if you want to get it done, put it in your diary.

Anything we say we will do, unless we make the time for it and put it in the diary (how often have you said you were going to exercise and haven’t because you haven’t made the time for it, or write that blog or paint that room?) won’t get done.

Do yourself and your mind a favour and schedule that time in now. You’ll thank yourself later for it.

You see there are so many ways you can be creative. So many ways you can calm a whirring mind, de-stress and refocus.

If you’d like to get creative with me at one of my glass workshops I would love to help you release your inner glass maker and of course be mindful, enhance your mood and de-stress.

My NEXT workshop is APRIL 14th, in STAFFORD. (other dates available).



In short being creative

Relieves stress

Enhances your mood

Brings calm

Improves brain function

And if you want it done, book it in!

So tell me, how are you being creative? And when?