What’s new pussycat? Fused glass art, box frames.

I just had to call it that, my nine year old is constantly singing it and it’s the one song that’s stuck on loop in my head (you know the ones where you go to bed and you’re still singing it!)


Anyway back to the topic …hand made glass bx frames, my new items. I realised I hadn’t actually written a blog about them (that’s what 2 weeks holiday does for you)! So here goes!

There are so many gorgeous items I can produce in jewellery but not everyone wears jewellery, maybe can’t wear silver or just doesn’t think about jewellery as something they would really buy!

So enter my new art box frames! Fantastic original giftware!

Hand made glass Large red glass heart with 3 smaller heart glass pieces

Heart in glass, box frame


What do I mean by gift ware?

It could be a wall hanging, window decoration, coaster, keyring or even something for the Christmas tree. Items that you would gift to yourself or others.

It can be an item that I have premade “off the shelf” or even an item that is bespoke to you. Something that you have thought of and want to create especially for you.


This is where my latest giftware items come in for you!


A gorgeous box framed item of glass perfect for literally any occasion!

Designed to be hung or displayed the box frames come in a range of styles and are signed and dated.

I’ve been experimenting with various themes and of course for a totally unique item I can make it bespoke for you!

Hand made glass blue hearts in glass with a single re heart in glass

Heart of glass


The beauty of these handmade glass items ,in box frames, is that they are timeless when giving a gift, they are appropriate for any age group and will suit any home.


The latest ones are all about love as we’re entering the wedding season now. But there’ll also be versions for new home, new baby, good luck, congratulations. You name an occasion and I can make it!


So what occasion would you like to celebrate and when buying a gift what is it you  look for? Let me know in the comments!

If you have an idea for a glass piece of art work, get in touch, emma@emmakirkhamglass.com. I’d love to hear from you!


Hand made glass , 3 glass flowers in , pink, blue and yellow

Flower art

Let me know in the comments!