The ONE thing you need to know in business.

Sunrise sky blue and orange with a tiny image of uluru in the backgound, business focus on the ONE thing

The one thing moving your business forward.

The ONE thing, for business (and your personal life) that’s all you need to know!

I watched a fab live the other day on Facebook with 2 people who I really admire, Todd (The BEST Social Media Cowboy you will ever meet!) and Claire McTernan, a no nonsense, no fluff, business coach!

This live was a real eye opener as they say, without realising it I had been diluting my efforts in many areas of my life, in many different ways.

1000’s of ideas I wanted to create in glass for my business and 1oo’s of ideas for blogs and 10’s of different projects I wanted to finish, all vying for my time (and using a lot of my energy and filling headspace).   I was flitting from one thing to another, in an attempt to get it done, bring in the money and keep the cashflow coming in.
Spreading myself over too many projects and too many areas and the lack of focus in glass was causing a shift in my energy.

And here’s where the problem lies….I wasn’t focussing on ONE thing! Just ONE thing needs to be the focus of what you are doing at the time. I guess it’s like an umbrella (the ONE thing) opening up over all that you have going on, (whether that be your business or personal umbrella at the moment), and that this umbrella will cover all areas that you break down under that unmbrella.

After listening to Claire and Todd, Claire’s tip was to go away and make a list of all the opportunities that were in place now in your pipeline and give them a value, then make a list of all the extra things that could generate an income, whether it was different services, new products, workshops or something new. When you look at this you are then able to see where the ONE thing is; what you should be focussing on to bring in your money and what your ONE priority should be.

Having “dumped” everything onto paper I realised there would never be the end result I wanted without first deciding on the ONE thing I wanted at the end of it all.

It was then easy to see what my ONE thing at the moment should be; my glass workshops. To continue to promote the public workshops and get them advertised and continue offer them as a solution within companies to help with team building; offering a therapeutic and mindful approach to bringing teams together, an area that I had started to focus on but was being diluted heavily whilst I was thinking of “other” projects.


Tools for a glass business workshop

Workshop laid out for beginners.


When I had made the decision, what my ONE thing should be, it was a whole lot clearer what I needed to do!
With a renewed vigour and a sense of “let’s crack this”, (pun intended!) I could clearly see the action I needed to take to achieve the results I wanted.



The results were driven by me knowing this would push my business up a level, what should I be doing? Why was I staying comfortable? If you stay in your comfort one your not going to progress right? (but that’s a whole different blog for mindset!)


ONE thing that really made me focus was to think of the money outcome and what that money would mean to me; eg the trips with my boys creating memories for life. Money allows me to do that. For me my drive is all about experiences and a love of doing new things! Through the vehicle of money I can do that. With the focus on making money for that reason, the ONE thing, becomes a whole lot clearer following those steps and a whole lot easier to implement!
Having worked it out in my business I then applied it to my personal life.

If you want to know more about the workshops or book on to one, take a look here.


So tell me what’s your ONE thing in business or life?

What are you going to make your ONE focus?