Dad? Can you lend me a fiver?

Dad? Can you lend me a fiver?


How many times did you say that to your dad (or words like can you lend me a fiver?) whilst you were growing up?

How many times did dad play taxi? Fund your latest crazy idea? Help you when you got locked out?

Drive you for miles to be with your besties? Help you move house?


So after all that your dad has done for you, what are you going to be doing for him this Father’s day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to show dad just how amazing he is? Father’s day after all is a perfect time to do just that!


When you want to show someone just how amazing and special they are, when you want to show them how loved they are and how much you appreciate everything they do, what are you going to choose?

Perfect answer? A workshop in glass!

Come along and create your own amazing gift in glass

Or why not send dad along to create his very own work of art?


Last weekend I held a workshop for beginners in glass. They came along and created something truly magical. From never having experienced working with glass, and being a little nervous to creating a piece they could truly be proud of!

Here’s the journey of two of the students Jo and Anthea, who came for a relaxing friends afternoon out. They wanted to do something together that wasn’t the normal coffee and chatter.

Both Jo and Anthea came to me a little scared about doing something new, but they had always wanted to be creative and do something other than drawing.
Anthea was really worried as she said she couldn’t draw and had been put off by trying anything different.

Having assured both of them there would be no need to produce a perfect drawing, we started working out what they wanted their final piece to look like.
Both being dog lovers , decided dogs would be the theme.

I took both of them through a simple process of creating a line drawing, through to creating those lines in glass and then adding the detail. With plenty of guidance and a helping hand I think both of these students prodiced soemthign to be really proud of!



Dog line drawing

First Pencil drawing of Jo’s dog

Chocolate labrador dog in glass

Jo’s chocolate lab in glass


glass chocolate labrador

Jo’s finished chocolate labrador

 Amazed at how well both of these ladies worked!



Anthea and her glass dog creation

Anthea and her dog


Anthea and her glass dog fired in glass

I think the pictures show how fabulously well they both did at the workshop!

What do you think of their finished pieces?

Here’s where you can join me for the next workshop 


Can’t attend a workshop in glass but still looking for something unique and individual?

Art glass box frames are a perfect solution.



blue hearts in glass with a single re heart in glass

Heart of glass

Heart in glass with love motif dad father's day


Made to order items with names, dates or occasions written into them.

How about sending me your own (or your child’s own) drawing and I will turn it into a work of glass art for you?

There are so many ways to show someone you care through amazing hand made gifts.


What will you choose?