Have you stopped doing something you love? Engraving made me look again!

detail of glass butterfly engraved on glass

Butterfly engraved on glass

Ever stopped doing something you really love doing and then wonder why you have?

Like playing the piano, running, singing, painting ? All these things I had stopped doing, but why?

Now I’m not trained and an expert so I am not 100% sure but part of the reason is I’ve made up stories about why I can’t be doing these things any more and how I don’t have time blah blah blah. A story is another word for an excuse. I have made in my mind what seem like several valid reasons not to be doing something. But the thing is they are part of me and who I am, so there’s no need to make an excuse!


One of the things I really love doing in my business is engraving.

Up until last week it’s one of the things I haven’t done properly for a couple of years, no reason not to, only my stories of no time, not enough people wanting me to do that, it isn’t popular anymore etc. So often I had convinced myself that there was little reason to do this.

But wait, last week I wanted to produce a piece of work that was delicate and depicted lace for a commission piece. I tried printing onto glass but that didn’t work and didn’t seem deliate enough. I’d trying drawing onto the galss with enamels but again it seemed to thick and not fine and delicate enough.

Then I suddenly had a thought, why am I trying all these things when the perfect answer is to engrave.

The detail can be exquisite and so fine with engraving. There are so many different tips, line thicknesses, textures to create, that there is always a perfect one to show something off at its best. Having finally realised that I wanted to engrave the butterfly I set about doing the engraving again.

It was beautiful, even if I say so myself. (The image doesn’t show it off nearly as well). Not only that I posted it onto my Facebook Page and received so many positive comments, people wanting their own for themselves or someone else. It actually proved that the story I had been telling myself was wrong and that yes people do still love engraved work and I should be making more because there is a maket for it.

My thoughts are now what shall I create next 😉

I also started to think more about the other stories I have created around other things I’ve stopped doing. It’s really powerful once you become conscious of what you are thinking about. Allowing yourself to stop, think and be aware.

What have you stopped doing lately that you really love to do ?

What have you made stories around which really aren’t true?

Is there something in your business that you could be doing differently but you’ve attached a story to it?