A piece of the glass puzzle

It’s a piece of the glass puzzle!

It can be a real puzzle when you want an item that can show how much you care.
When you’re looking for a gift and wanting something to give to your loyal customers and staff that shows them just how much you appreciate them and want them in your business.


You’re creative but not in a “producing an item” kind of a way and want to gift something different to the normal items. Vouchers, Flowers, business pens and key rings won’t help you stand out from the crowd, or help you be remembered!  In fact they will all fade out with time. Pens will end up in the bin, flowers too after a week and that voucher, well nothing different about that.

What can you do?

How can you be different, be creative and show them just how much you care? When you want to show someone much you appreciate having them in your life and business and how much you value them as a person.

We all want to be valued and we all want to think that someone cares about us. We all just want to be shown our worth right?


When Kirsty approached me to commission some bespoke work we set about looking at what we could create together. After a lot of distracted chatter about everything but glassware we finally knuckled down and put together an idea.

Kirsty wanted the items to relate to her business as they would be gifts given to her staff or co-workers related her business. I suggested using part of her logo.

5 puzzle pieces in glass

Puzzle pieces

The main focus of her business is finding people and ‘heir hunting’, As probate researchers, Family Wise Limited trace the family tree of the deceased, locate individuals who are potential beneficiaries in the case and prove their entitlement. It is often the case that those who are entitled to make a claim do not know that the deceased left an estate or may not even be aware of the person who died. Family Wise are constantly putting pieces of the puzzle all together to create a final jigsaw piece.

As the journey progresses then the puzzle progresses. Using Kirsty’s puzzle piece as the centre for her jewellery gives that direct link to the business and is a reminder of that theme. Using the little heart detail is the link to Kirsty’s love of what she does. She loves helping people find their families. It is also the link to the families themselves.

Once the idea was approved, I sketched a few ideas for the design and the final piece was born.

I love helping business use their identity in different ways. So different to the usual items that would be given.


How could you use your logo to give  gift with a difference?

What would you like to receive as a gift in glass?

If you’d like to have your own bespoke work made in glass using your logo drop me a message I’d love to help.