How does pricing make you feel?

How do you feel about your handmade prices?

Are you confident in what you charge?

Does the thought of pricing your work leave you cold?

Now really isn’t the time to be slashing your prices and telling everybody you’ve got a sale on in the hope that you’re going to get even more orders for Christmas.


 Now IS the time when people are actually looking for gifts.


 Now IS the time when you can be charging premium rates for your products.


You are worth every single penny that people pay for your beautiful items


So for the love of craft please DO NOT slash those prices now. 


Please think about what people will be doing next year when they want to buy a gift from you. 


I’ll just wait until she puts her prices down, because I know there’s going to be a sale on soon.

Keep firm in the belief that you’re going to sell all of those wonderful items you’ve made.


Keep your prices in line with your own self worth and you will soon be bringing in the pounds that you really want.


Do you realise that your pricing actually attracts the clients that you work with?


 Actually the higher the prices, the more likely you are to attract the person that you want to work with. 


For example, if you’re charging 50p and a bunch grapes for your artwork,( which I know you’re not),  you’re more likely attract customers that don’t value what you’re doing.

They’re more likely to be the people who are moaning constantly about the pricing and how much they’re having to pay for your handmade goods, etc etc. 


So if you’re constantly attracting potential customers who are bemoaning your prices, I’d suggest a little bit of a price increase.

Pop those prices up and you’re more likely to attract the customers that actually value the work that you do. 


So are you attracting moaning clients or are you attracting the dream ones that you really want to work with..?


There was a discussion recently in a group that I’m in about a maker who had started to create about a year ago. 


They were basically undercutting other glass makers, which to those who don’t know about glass might make you think , wow hang on a minute, their prices are great!


These are a bargain.


But actually, when you look at it…


The makers who are more expensive, they’re charging for the years that they put into their education to learn how to create the work that they do, they have also learnt how to price correctly 😉 


What the new person has done is basically undervalue themselves, which means when they actually realise how hard they need to work to produce those items, and then tries to put the prices up, it’s going to make it really difficult for their audience to accept.


I’m asking you now to go back and look at your own prices. 


What are you actually charging?


How hard are you having to work to create those items?


How much are you actually paying yourself per hour?


Is it really enough, can you actually feed yourself and your family on that amount?


For the love of all things craft, go and look at your pricing. 


And if you’re not already doing it start to put your prices up now. 


Go on. I dare you 😘


Your future you will thank you for it ⭐️

Stop charging the bear minimum for the work you love to create, just because you think no one will buy from you.

Or so you can then tell yourself you’re making more sales.

It doesn’t mean you’re going to make more money.

It just means you’re going to have to work harder to make it.

So,  are you charging your worth?