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Fused glass coasters capturing inspirational words


 “Word of The Year”

Word of The Year-

A word that we choose to capture how we want things to be in the year ahead.

For example if  you want to be able to concentrate more on a certain area you may choose focus.

If you feel want more enjoyment in our life you may choose fun.

If you want to attract more money you may choose wealth or abundance.

Choosing  a Word of the Year is a fun way to set your intentions and theme for the year ahead.

A Word of The Year is a constant and subtle reminder for creating a positive change, whatever that maybe.

Setting a Word of the Year helps you with your decisions – helping you check whether you are continually moving towards what you want.

It’s easy to ask yourself “is what I am doing helping me to focus”?

Or “have I planned fun into my day”

Having a Word of the Year will set you in the right direction by bringing more awareness to your intentions.

How to choose a word of the year?

I like to write down everything that I want the year ahead to look like –

Writing down things that I would like to be different from the previous year.

I then take a look at how all of those words make me feel, what do I want more of?

I then choose 5 words that I really feel connected to and narrow it down.

For me this year I have 2 words-

In my business it’s empower-

I want to be empowered in my own business which in turn empowers other businesses with my Social Selling Programs whilst being empowered to make a change with my glassware. (Looking at how I can use more items to recycle).

And I also want to have more FUN-
The current situation doesn’t allow us to have fun in the same way as we previously could so for me it’s about how I can make the little things be more fun and add more into the everyday.
I know deep down we all need more fun right now!
Having chosen my words I’ve also been capturing the words of others in a glass coaster.
Apart from the fact it looks nice-
When the words are captured in a glass coaster it’s a gentle reminder everyday, so that we are constantly aware of our intention whether that’s fun, focus, visibility, creativity or humour.
Whatever the word is having that reminder when we have a cuppa helps bring us back to our intentions through our word.

If you’d like your word capturing in glass, click the link to order.

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Have you chosen a Word of the Year, yet?

I’d love to hear what it is below!