Have you got FOFU?

Have you got FOFU?

Do you suffer from this condition?

It’s  the fear of following up!

You know that fear that stops you making contact with a potential customer because you’re afraid they’ll say “no”.

The fear that stops you following up because you don’t want to be pushy?


Or the fear that stops you because it’s been a while since you last made contact.


You know, when someone has asked you about your product or service and you have sent the information they asked for and then nothing…


So they don’t get back to you and you believe it’s because they no longer want your products…


But if you don’t follow up and actually ask, how do you really know why they haven’t ordered?


Why didn’t they reply to the bespoke quote for an amazing piece? 


Why did that kart get abandoned with so many products in it? 


We’re not mind readers (well sadly, I’m not) so we never know unless we ask.


How much following up is too much following up?


Until you get a definite no, it’s always worth following up, having the conversations and speaking to people; helping them to make a decision.

That’s all you’re doing and it’s all part of your customer service.

I mean you don’t see the big companies sitting at their desks worrying if they have sent too many follow up emails to remind you about their products and services so neither should you.


So many people I speak to suffer from FOFU, worried they are too pushy and people will feel they are trying to force them to buy.


9 times out of 10 your customers will be delighted you have followed up with them as it’s something they were “meaning to do” but were just too busy and forgot.

It’s a fantastic part of your customer service .

And the bonus of following up?

You get to put more money in the bank!

Happy Customer,  Happy you!

Win = Win!

What’s the worst that can happen- they say no!


But I say F U!!

That’s right, you read it right !




Follow UP!


Following up successfully is a key ingredient to maximising sales and creating new and long term customers.

Here’s a powerful visualisation I use and share with others.

Imagine the table  in your home-

Now imagine that table absolutely covered in money!

It’s brimming with cash, overflowing and it’s all there in your home for you to have.

Now imagine yourself walking away from your table-

Leaving all the money on it…for someone else to take…

That’s what happens every time you don’t follow up!

If you use this powerful visualisation I guarantee it’s going to get you “Fired up to Follow UP!”

Lots of FUFU and no more FOFU!

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