Capturing Your child’s drawing in glass

Capturing your child’s drawing in glass turns them into a unique gift for any occasion or just because!

Your child will be super proud of their creation knowing that this gift will last for a long time to come!



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Capturing Your Child’s Drawing in Glass

Capturing your child’s drawing in glass and the 3 simple steps to create this.

How amazing will it be for you to receive a gorgeous gift in glass that can used as a coaster or wall hanging. You will be reminded of the super talents of your little for years to come by capturing your child’s drawing in glass.
Any age can be involved in this, if they are really small they may need a little guidance but even a few swirly patterns and shapes from a 12 month old will look gorgeous when transferred into glass!

1: I want you to get your child to do a simple pencil drawing. Something basic it doesn’t need to be an hour long work of art! Create a basic pencil line drawing or felt drawing, of something that they associate with daddy or daddy himself.

2: Take a photograph on your smart phone and send it to me via or via messenger on Emma Kirkham Glass.

3: I will then take the drawing and translate it onto a 10×10 square piece of glass.
I’ll use my enamel ink and I will draw onto the glass, literally following in the line that your child’s drawn themselves in the black enamel. I will trace that onto the glass.  And then, once I’ve done all this, I can put the glass into the kiln. If you want anything extra, put it in the background.

What happens next is I put that into the kiln, fire that lovely, lovely drawing for you, and then once it’s fired, I’ll pop it into the Post and get that out to you.  As you can see, that’s a rather funky way of capturing your child’s drawings into glass.

Really simple, just three steps involved, you send me the drawing, I put the drawing onto the glass, fire the glass and send it back to you. What could be simpler than that?

 Or if you’re looking for a more exclusive design, why not let me pop it into a box frame your child’s drawing would be framed and ready to hang.

Any questions send them to me




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