What do you get a glass maker for Christmas? More glass toys of course!


Glass with enamel print in balck and white before firing

Glass coasters pre firing

So what do you got someone who loves and works with glass for Christmas, well something that they can use with glass obviously! And that’s just what my lovely partner did.

You see he knows me really well and knows I have wanted to try a screen printing technique for the last couple of years and that I had been putting it off ….but not any more now I have my most amazing screen printing kit!


Whilst at college on my fouondation course I studied screen printing and absolutely loved the technique (in fact I loved pretty much all craft techniques that I studied) anyway, I knew that I wanted to be able to screen print onto glass, I wanted to add photographic images to glass, add text, add business logos to glass and many more things that lead to endless possibilities and creations in glass.


Just imagine as a business owner your own logos on a set of coasters and what a cool gift that would make in your lumpy post?

Or how about your information on a glass keyring to leave a great impression with new customers?

Or even like I have done before, glass business cards??!! They never get thrown away!!


Image of the screen for printing on glass with, squeegee and enamels in black and white

Screen printing kit with black and whit enamels

Or corporate gifts? How about awards for ceremonies or a commemorative gift?


Say you are getting married and want a unique gift for your favours? Or perhaps you want to be orginal with your invites?

Or how about a glass card for Valentine’s day…? What a unique way to propose to someone.

A save the date momento made in glass? Favours with a picture of the happy couple or  the date of the wedding? The imagination is never ending!!

Screen printing onto glass gives a consistant finish to the details whilst still being hand made.

I am excited by the first test pieces to come out of the kiln and know that this technique is going to be amazing fun for both myself and customers.


Black and white screen prints on glass coasters

Black and white enamel fired screen prints



The screen priniting means you can have quotes made in the glass, you can have abeautiful signs made to display on the walls, art work with the picture of a loved one in black and white…ooh its so excting and I can’t wait to hand make more for you all.

The video is of a quick Facebook live I did showing the technique, when I first had the kit. What do you think?



What would you love to see screenprinted on glass?

What special occaision would you have a gift made for?

Let me know in the comments below.