9 Things you can do today to build your confidence

Confidence –

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9 Things you can do today to build your confidence

When we start out in business, we don’t always feel the confidence that we see so many people around us with.


If someone seems to have incredible self-confidence, they’ve probably been working on it for years.
They probably weren’t so confident once upon a time.

You can learn to be confident, and it’s something that you can learn to build upon over time and with practice.

I remember my first days of glass blowing, I tell you, there is nothing more deflating (pun intended) than blowing glass, only to find your creation ends up on the floor or what you’ve blown is so thin it shatters…

It was the daily practice that kept me blowing and building on my skill set and really WANTING to be a glassblower – that daily practice built up my confidence until I became a confident glass blower.

Although blowing in public is still something that I have to work on and don’t feel as confident with- yet.

Playing the piano was another skill.


I wasn’t born a piano player and again, wasn’t confident in doing this, so I practiced daily ( because I really wanted to play) and I became better and as I became better my confidence grew with each piece I was able to play and each grade I achieved.


Facebook lives and Facebook Events

This has been the same with my glass business and using Facebook and Facebook Events to generate leads and sales.

I wasn’t confident to begin with – especially going live, ( sticking pins in my eyes seemed more preferable at the time).

But because I really wanted to grow my business I went live, and the more I did it, the more confident I became too and the more success came from it.

Now I teach others how they can use this area and feel confident doing it too!


So here’s 9 Things you can do today to build your confidence-


1- Practice “being” confident- whatever that looks like.

Go live, film a video, call a customer, create a new piece of art.

Whatever it is you want to be confident at, keep practicing and the confidence will come. It’s the repetition that builds that momentum an the feeling of success.

2- Alter Ego- create a persona who is completely confident at doing what you want to be confident at.

For example, I wanted to be confident at hosting Facebook lives, so each time before I went live I would pretend I was a different character (person), the character who had the confidence to go live and host them.

Decide who your alter ego would be, become them and go live!

It really is that simple. Maybe you put on a pair of glasses (or take them off Superman stylie).

Wear a certain item of clothing or have a piece of jewellery you put on. Then become that person, trust me it woks lol.



3- Be clear on where you want to have confidence and why that matters to you.

Once I was clear on wanting to go live and why it was important to me and my business it was easier to see how going live would benefit me and my business.

Each time I practiced and went live I would build my business and my confidence.

I still have wobbles of being “nervacited” before going live but it doesn’t affect my confidence or my ability to do them.


4- Celebrate your wins and successes so far, no matter how small you think they are.

Celebrate those wins and remind yourself (daily if you need to) so that you can clearly see them and how far you have come.

This in turn will boost your confidence. 


5- Don’t compare yourself to others.

Comparisonitis is a real dream stealer.

As soon as we start comparing ourselves to those around us,  we can often feel like we aren’t good enough(Imposter syndrome).

Stop focussing on others and focus on the success of you and all that you have achieved 🙂

6- Try something new.

Move out of your comfort zone.

When you achieve something new we create a sense of pride at achieving this, which boosts your confidence and you prove to yourself that you are good at doing things, so that with each little thing you try your confidence grows.


7- Create a “smile file”.

A little like celebrating your successes this is looking at or thinking about all the nice things people have said about you.

If you’re in business this would be your social proof, your testimonials from happy customers and then reading them.

I like to keep a file of all of my testimonials so that when I’m not feeling so confident I can read through all the nice things people have said about me and remind myself why I am doing what I’m doing and the impact it is having on those around me ( the ripple effect).

8- Exercise – I know, I know but it really does help.

Whenever you aren’t feeling confident (or even a little bit urgh) if you get moving (even if it’s just a case of doing 20 star jumps) you are getting your heart pumping.

You’ve also changed your physiology (your state) and the endorphins will start flowing and you’ll start to feel more confident and better about everything. Try it and see.

Now that’s a good reason to like exercise!

9- Have fun!

Play music, get moving, dance and jig around, get into a high vibe and have fun.

If you can’t move around, be sure to play the music that’s uplifting for you, it helps you feel good about yourself and brings you that feel good factor.There’s nothing more motivating than singing your favourite song at the top of your lungs which in turn helps with feeling good so that your confidence is boosted.

So, what does confidence mean to you?

What would having more confidence mean to you and what would that look like?

And what could you do to boost that confidence today?

I’d love to know.

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