Active Dog Month

Did you know that this month is ACTIVE DOG MONTH?

Active dog month is all about enjoying spring and getting active with your furry best friend!

Come rain or shine Reg and I are active-

After all it doesn’t make any difference to him whether he’s soaking wet in the rain or positvely panting from the sun!

If you’re a dog owner there’s loads you can do with your dog to keep them entertained-

I’ve created a list of them for you here

6 activities to get active with your pooch-

1) Pop on the lead and just go go go !

Reg sees his lead an goes nuts because he knows it’s his time.
We walk minimum of 2 times per day come rain or shine.

His clock is so regular that he starts to nag when he believes it’s ime for him to go out (not always the time I can go out though lol)

2) Play hide and seek- I often take one of Reg’s toys, show it to him and then hide it.
He loves to seek out the toy and I’ve retained him to sit before he takes it, when he gets given they command he can “ take it” great for his brain skills


Fill a toy- I often pop a KONG full of Reg’s dried dog food (kibble) into his kong and then let him roll it around the floor so that he can have fun and be active whilst getting his dinner.

3)Hide the food.
Another thing he loves to do to make meal times fun an exciting is to find his food.

Pretty similar to his toys, he loves to seek out the food.

I ask him to wait- while he is in the kitchen waiting I’m off hiding his food- On the command “find it” off he goes.
This is a great way to practice waiting and also slows down a fast eater.

4)Play Ball

Reg is ball mad- and I mean ball mad.
He’s more likely to do something for his ball than he is for a food treat.
We have what I  affectionately call a “winga wanga” dog ball thrower to help me launch the ball further.

If it was left to me to throw without this, it just wouldn’t’ go very far lol.


Another great exercise to do with your pooch is chase-
Reg absolutely loves to chase people and play with them in the garden – it’s a simple as running up and down and changing directions leaving him guessing which way to go next.

6) Scent-

I went to scent training classes with Reg and he is now trained to find scents including humans. This is by far his most favourite thing to do and is much better for him than a long long walk because it’s using brain activity and his senses- this tires him out much quicker than  long walk.

All I do is scent 2 cotton pads and then hide one whilst he is busy elsewhere- I then ask him to smell the other and ask him to “find it” it can take him a while if things are hidden well – but for those 20 minutes of searching he is active in more ways than just walking.

Hope this inspires you to try some fun activities with your pooch-I’ve kept it to the ones we do the most.

I’d love to hear what activities you do with your pooch.

And if you want to capture your beloved Pet Pawtrait in glass pop me a message or see the link here