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Pet portrait in Glass

Capture your beloved pet portrait in glass for life.

We all know those pet owners that do absolutely everything for their pets right?

The ones that buy them the fluffy towels to wrap them up in once they have got wet on the dog walk.

We all know the owners that make sure their pet has a super comfy bed, the latest plush toys and a favourite spot on the sofa.

Well I definitely am one of those owners!

My pooch is well and truly pampered.

In fact he is lying fast asleep on his own cushion on the kitchen bench!! Bless him.

Knowing just how besotted I am with my pooch I started to offer to capture Pooch Pet Portraits in glass.

Perfect gifts for those super crazy besotted animal lovers; after all capturing a pet portrait in glass is as unique as the pet itself.

When you order a pet portrait in glass it is lovingly created from your favourite image of your pooch.

Once I have the image I then recreate this in pen and ink.

I then use this image to create the glass version.

Using a glassline pen I recreate each individual line of the ink drawing, I then leave this to dry and follow it with the first firing of the glass. (About 810 degrees)

When the glass has cooled I then start to add the glass colour and textures.

I use a variety of glass powders, glass chips and eggshell to create the colour within the image.

The Pet Portrait in glass is then taken to the kiln again and re-fired at a slightly lower temperature to fuse the colour to the final image.

Once this has been fused and annaeled (cooled down) the glass is ready to be framed.

Et voila! The Finished Pet Portrait.

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