What’s in a Box

I love a good box don’t you? Nothing like having a gift given to you and getting it beautifully presented in a box with a ribbon.

After much searching and trawling I found what I consider to be a beautiful elegant design, which is robust enough for postage and allows me to post first class delivery.

The box needed to be elegant in design, have a sturdy finish and be something that could be kept for the items to be stored in later.

How is this exciting you cry?

Well it means for me that the price for postage and packaging can be kept lower for you the customer and that my prices can be calculated to include postage. Win all round I would say. (In very special circumstances poastage costs would be extra, for example oversized boxes, heavy items etc).

I also love the customised ribbon that I have, beautiful and classy looking in silver with black print to match the box colour. A luxury feel and look to finish off the items. My items are luxurious and I want this to be reflected in the packaging.

So glad I found the lovely Tiny box company and was pointed in the direction of the ribbon company.

Each item of glass comes packaged in a small black box with silver silk ribbon. The perfect finishing touch, even if I do say so myself.

If you like the packaging as much as me let me know?

If you don’t what would you change and why? How would you do it differently?

I look forward to hearing from you all:)