Working a Business

Quite often you are flying solo and are having to be everything for everyone. (plus if like me you are a Mom, there’s an awful lot of running around after kids to be done too)..

Marketing expert, Sales expert, Customer Services, Assistant to yourself, Book Keeper, Office Manager the list goes on as well as designer and maker of the items that you are selling.

What starts of as a business where you are making things you love, quickly ends up being a business where you are doing a lot of things you don’t love and very little of what you do love!! This is when things can get you down, on the never ending spinning wheel of not moving forward and a list of to do’s a mile long…

I have always loved making , but am not so very keen on the salesy side of things, something I have learnt to get over and on with over time.

Putting things off using, it’s not perfect yet as an excuse is not always good.

It was all too easy to procrastinate and not get things moving in the right direction; always having something else to do. (eg blogging, marketing, Facebook posts even tidying was preferential to getting on and selling!!).

Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and get on with things and move yourself forward, put yourself out there and accept, yes there will be critics but at least you are moving yourself and your business forward.

Every tiny step counts!

This business is part time for me at the moment and I very much hope that with careful planning and a lot of effort, whilst realising that I cannot physically (or mentally!!) do it all alone, I will be able to make steps to this becoming a full time business.

If you are thinking of starting a business or you own a small business. Take a look at this book

“How to Bake Business” by Julia Bickerstaff

I love this book and it is jam packed (excuse the pun) with practical tips in an easy to follow, no jargon way.

If you have any Business books that you would recommend please add them here:)