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It’s behind you!

Keep looking behind you!   How often do you sit and reflect and really take notice of what you have achieved? How often do you look back at where you were
4 smiling happy people

How to be happy!

Last night I lead a wonderful network meeting at Cannock, in Staffordshire with the brilliant guest speaker Jo Howarth talking to us about how we can all be “Happy”
Glass plate with tree, bird and flower detail

A class in glass

How do you spend a Saturday afternoon?   Mine was a lovely afternoon spent with 2 goodfriends. Although we have known each other for a while neither of them had ever

Mum’s the word!

  Where will you be Sunday March 11th?   It's Mother's day and I’ll be celebrating with my mom and boys. It’s an early Mother’s Day this year and  most people will have

Show me you love me!

Valentine....   Show me you love me… We all want someone to show us how much they care and how much we mean to them right.? Well by giving a gift that’s handmade
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